If you’re building a new home, and have plans to work from, we will meet with you at our studio. It has an extensive range of exterior and interior products which makes selection easier for you. However, if you’re updating an existing property, it’s often better to meet there. We’ll talk through your plans and ideas, and work together to select finishes and colours for your interior design. Once selected, we’ll provide you with a written specification together with samples. As a guideline, a consultation for a new home build usually takes between two and six hours, depending on complexity.

Our interior design service is not restricted to a single consultation. Sometimes during the process, you may change your mind about colours or finishes. We can work with you to select alternatives. We also keep your tradespeople informed so everyone’s in the loop!

If you have a small paint or wallpaper job, a one-room makeover, exterior repaint or the like, we can help you. No job is too small – we can provide advice in person or via phone or email.