What we do

Building or renovating a home or workspace is not something you do every day. For us, it is. We can guide you through the process to ensure you get the outcome that best suits your taste, lifestyle and budget. We have experience across the spectrum – from luxury homes full of bespoke items through to comfortable family homes on a budget.

We know about interior design and colour and therefore take into account all aspects of your internal and external environment.

Most importantly though, we listen – to your ideas and what you want to achieve. We’ll work with you to come up with a solution that is creative yet functional and that suits you.

And in the process, you’ll save time and money. No need for you to spend hours trying to work out how to get what you want. We’ve got a huge range of samples in our studio for you to look through, or we can work with any supplier of your choice. We’re not affiliated to any particular providers or products, however we can advise on quality suppliers, contractors and products that will best suit your particular needs, provide you with samples, and access competitive prices (often with designer discount) on your behalf. We can also take you shopping.  You’ll get it right the first time and feel confident about your choices!

We meet either at our studio or on site where we’ll talk through your plans and ideas, and afterwards provide you with a written specification of all colours, finishes, products, and samples.

Design services we offer include:

  • Pre-design lifestyle review
    If you’re designing and building a new home, you may be interested in us carrying out a Lifestyle Review which fully defines your needs and desires for your new home.  This process helps you to clarify your thoughts which enables you to clearly brief your architect or builder so they can incorporate your design requirements right from the outset.
  • Spatial design review
    We can carry out an independent review of your architectural plans to highlight any potential issues that may impede your needs being met – for example, layout, flow and size of rooms, wall space for art, furniture or curtains, lighting.
  • Renovation, interior design and project management
    We usually meet you on site, and follow this up with a scoping document which details all colours, finishes, products and building/sub-trades work. We can source competitive quotes, provide a full schedule of costs and also project manage the work if required.
  • Kitchen and bathroom design
    We’ll step you through the process of identifying how you use these spaces, your particular needs, and the finishes you love. We provide layouts, elevations and a finishes schedule which can be used to source quotes from joiners, ensuring that you will be able to compare ‘apples with apples’.
  • Tiling plans
    These provide a guide for your tiler for floor, wall and/or splash back tiles.
  • Design online
    You can email us with your design queries. We’re happy to look over your plans, listen to your ideas, and provide advice.